How to Protect Against 5G

A new generation of technology for wireless is set to be launched. As 5G technology starts to develop, it will highlight the need for security across all levels of the environmental. It is good news that businesses can begin by taking action today to protect themselves. This article discusses the need for EMF shielding technologies and radiation protection chips.

Chips to protect against radiation
Protection against radiation chips are available for mobile phones, laptops as well as smart TVs and monitors. find it here have been designed using certified technology to reduce harmful 5G radiation from these devices. It is crucial that mobile phones be kept at least five feet from your body when they are not using them to prevent exposure to radiation.

The Dutch Authority for radiological safety and nuclear security, ANVS, recently issued an alert on the subject. Its investigation had uncovered 10 products that contain radioactive material. ANVS cautioned that these products could pose long-term health problems. However, they have also stated that the World Health Organisation has said that 5G mobile networks are safe to use because they utilize non-ionizing radio waves, which don't harm DNA.

Ultra Armor(TM) EMF shielding technology
Ultra Armor(tm) EMF Shielding Technology has been developed in the lab which also produces shielding equipment for the military. Its unique combination of metal alloys and other materials effectively blocks EMF radiations up to 90 GHz. This means that Ultra Armor(tm) EMF protection will keep you safe from harmful 5G RF emission.

SpaceX satellites
The company plans to deploy around 12,000 satellites in their Starlink relay networks. These satellites will offer high-speed internet, as well as other communication services. The company is concerned Chinese companies are making networks that may affect the security of their satellites. They claim that the modifications will be small however, they will require new handsets. The new phones could be incompatible with existing handsets and may drain battery life.

Moreover the online businesses depend on the spectrum of 12 GHz. The company currently has 2,400 Starlink satellites orbiting around the Earth and has more than 400,000 customers around the world. The company is worried about the potential impact on its satellite internet service and has urged customers to oppose any decision made by FCC. Over 70,000 customers have made remarks to the FCC website to protect their satellite service.

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